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Nothing is linear in Nature. Yet our society and systems are mostly organized in a linear way. Based on a frame of reference consisting of a set of (implicit and explicit) assumptions. One of those assumptions is the use of the decimal numeral system (10-based). Assumptions can result in a certain blindness. What do we see when we use another ‘key’, another numeral system?

Why do we see spirals everywhere?
Gert is able to demonstrate from a meta-view why we see spirals in nature and ancient art. In-spiration. The true beauty of mathematics and the connection with Nature, Hermetic principles and -philosophy, spirituality, unity in multiplicity. From competitive dualism to cooperative trinity. From ‘versus’ to ‘and’. Gert uses exact science, mathematics/number theory to explain the unity and perfect harmony in Nature and to make all of this very tangible.

Frans van der Reep (senior strategist KPN IT Solutions): “I invite you to see Gert Kramer as the Dutch Douglas Hofstadter, best known for the book Gödel, Escher, Bach. He has made the effort to take us mere mortals to a higher level of regularities as well”.

By reviewing our principles and assumptions from cosmic principles we can reduce the unbalance and resistance. Gert inspires and loves to think with you. Please contact us for more information. On this website you can find more about the Hermetic philosophy of Dragon 9 and the Source code.

TEDx Talk Gert Kramer “From Source Code to World Peace” 9 June 2017 in Dutch. A new version with English subtitles will follow asap

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Source Code

In the investigation carried out by dr. jan Boeyens and dr. Francis Thackeray in South Africa Journal of Science: ‘Number Theory and the Unity of Science (2 pages) it is explained how the Golden Mean possibly determines how things in the universe come into shape. The number is not only mathematical but as well returns in physics, chemistry, biology and the ‘space-time typology’.

In Nature you find everywhere (development in) spiral shapes. Like the nautilus shell, the hurricane, the sunflower, the gushing away of water in a sink etc. This creation principle and this blueprint in Nature is know by many as phi, the Golden Mean (1,618033) or he Fibonacci sequence. Number based: 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 etcetera. These same numbers showed up when Pythagoras found the harmonic (pure) tones in music by dividing a string and determining the ratio between the two parts.

As well in Nature this is present in all manifestations. See the movie “Nature by Numbers” next to this text (movie nr. 1 in playlist). By using another number system, numeric mathematics with a 9-based system, Gert Kramer applies the same philosophy as was used in ancient times as starting point. The 9 plays herein a key role.

Do you know ‘cymatics’? Shape/matter change when using another frequency. Watch the movie (nr. 2 in playlist). John Lennon apparently suspected with the number ‘Revolution 9’ (movie nr. 3 in playlist) that the number 9 in combination with sound would support an evolution. Prince as well wrote a number in which the number 9 plays the lead: Love 2 the 9’s. Beethoven did not coincidently compose 9 symphonies in which he indicates in the last one that Mankind will eventually realize Unity: “Alle Menschen werden Brüder”.

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In the press

Gert Kramer (creator of the Divine 9 music tuning) en Jan Vayne (who gives improvisation concerts on the Divine 9 piano) tell about the Divine 9 tuning in the TV-program Podium Witteman. Also an impression of a Divine 9 concert by Jan Vayne is shown and the wonderful feedback of visitors, who had beautiful experiences.

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Experiences / Reflections

Dr. Annika Smit, Dutch National Police Academy:

Dr. Annika Smit was inspired by Gert Kramer and his cosmic philosophy based on the Source Code and rented the Divine 9 Fazioli 308 piano and a regularly tuned Fazioli 308 piano for her promotion speech for the Dutch National Police Academy. She used music as a metaphor to show that people and organizations can work differently if they can “tune into each other” and how another choice (another sound, literally another music tuning) can result in a different sphere.

You can find more info on the Divine 9 tuning Gert Kramer created on

You can find more info on the cosmic philosophy based on the Source Code on

The Sourcerer’s Code is an initiative and piece of art of Dragon 9, the company of Gert Kramer which offers consulting, inspiration and art.

Feedback of participant Workshop Sourcerer’s Code:

Hoi Gert en Mascha,
Dank jullie wel voor de fijne ontvangst afgelopen maandag! Ik vond het heel inspirerend om te leren wat de negentallige reeksen ons leren over natuurlijke wetmatigheden. Heel boeiend ook dat het onderzoek van Gert heeft aangetoond dat die numerologische 9 in zoveel oude tradities en religies wereldwijd voorkomt.

Ik besef dat de ‘moderne samenleving’ weer terug moet naar zijn roots. En dat kan alleen maar als wij weer oog gaan krijgen voor die oeroude inzichten en bereid zijn daar weer (meer) naar te gaan luisteren en leven. Of dat zonder slag of stoot zal gaan betwijfel ik. Er zijn nog steeds grote krachten werkzaam die diepgaande veranderingen zullen willen tegenwerken. De veranderingen zullen echt bottom-up moeten worden geinitieerd als gevolg van een toenemend bewustzijn. De Sourcerer’s Code helpt hierbij. Dank je wel Gert voor het uitdragen van jouw kennis en visie!

Hartegroet, Edward Sluijter

Reflection of artist Astrid Engels on The Sourcerer’s Code

Deep down burried in us
below nine layers lies
the deepest pattern woven
the old city preserved
sunk property
died away song archaeologists
on moonlit nights
under cartloads of
ruins, excavating valuables.
Who will interpret the signs
from a language spoken by
nobody since long ago
no elders who speak
the spells by the fire
no priest advising the runes
no satellite showing a sign
no psychiatrist interpreting
the Geiger counter does not spread
Search with colour and a paintbrush
and find the goddess Maat
She is the Source and the Legacy.

Astrid Engels


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Quest Gert Kramer

Gert Kramer is creator of the Divine 9 Tuning,bridge builder, Hermetic philosopher, entrepreneur, inspirator, creator, artist. As he states: “I am what you make of me”.
Gert wants to be a bridge builder and inspirere individuals, entrepreneurs, scientist, politicians and artists with his alternative perspective of the Source Code and to offer a foundation for a different reality.

In 1996 he graduated at Shell as Civil Engineer at Delft University of Technology. Thereafter he worked as a management consultant and later as entrepreneur. He is father of three children. Because of the continuing unbalance and disharmony that he feels within himself and in the world in general, he starts his quest in 2009.

Personal quest
Gert Kramer heeft jarenlang onderzoek gedaan in de zeer oude zienswijze van de Hermetische filosofie en Principes, een fundamenteel filosofisch-spiritueel-wetenschappelijk speelveld . Zijn centrale vraag was: Waarom is alles in de natuur spiraalvormig?

Gert Kramer vroeg zich af waarom onze systemen en ons denken soms zo rechtlijnig zijn, terwijl in de natuur niks rechtlijnig is. Hij ontdekte dat ons denken voor een deel gebaseerd is op een referentiekader dat bestaat uit een set (impliciete en expliciete) aannames. Een van deze aannames is bijvoorbeeld het gebruik van een 10-tallig stelsel. Maar waarom gebruiken we alleen dit stelsel? Wat zien we als we een andere ‘sleutel’, een ander getallenstelsel gebruiken?

He recognizes, through application of the ancient nine based number system, the underlying perfect balance and order in the Fibonacci sequence; a mathematical definition of the spiral shape that stands centrally in all cosmic processes and principles. Gert sees it as a universal / cosmic Creation Principle which can be found in nature’s manifestations and the way they grow / evolve. And in harmonic sound and art. He is convinced tat if we review our assumptions by these Cosmic principles, unbalance and resistance can be diminished and world peace is possible.

In his research he discovers in all religions, philosophies, mystic and mythological stories number and symbol based references to this One Cosmic Creative Principle, the Source Code. The knowledge of this Source Code is not new but was always present in ancient cultures on all continents throughout time, as an ancient Systems- Cosmic- / nature philosophy. There is one Sun where the sun rays spring from. Gert Kramer: “When the Rays of the Sun remember their shared Origin, it will be Paradise on Earth again”.

Prime numbers
With his findings and using this same perspective, Gert found an order in the distribution of primes over the natural numbers.

Gert can now explain the unity and perfect harmony in nature and make it visible. With exact science, math / number theory. By using a nine-based number system the invisible repetitive pattern with her perfect balance becomes visible. Numbers can be translated into shapes / manifestations and frequencies which can interfere together in patterns. Unity, order, balance and beauty are key words of which the origin is made visible.

Gert felt an enormous drive to make the Source Code visible to also inspire and touch others. In this way various (art and music)projects came to live. He founded his company Dragon 9 to share his projects with the world. His mission is to create a snowball effect; more and ore people thinking, feeling and acting from the Source Code and from unity and connection. Gert consults companies, foundations, scientists and entrepreneurs to implement the knowledge of the Source Code in strategy and (industrial) applications.

Gert likes to offer a number and instinctive based foundation for the creation of a new reality, a new world. A world in which Human lives in balance with Nature and in peace with one another. In which we realize that everything is connected with each other and where at the same time the conditions allow for each individual’s uniqueness. In which pluralism and ‘being different’ are seen as a strength rather than a threat.

Nothing is linear in Nature. Yet our society and systems are mostly organized in a linear way. Based on a frame of reference consisting of a set of (implicit and explicit) assumptions. By reviewing our principles and assumptions from cosmic principles we can reduce unbalance and resistance. From competitive dualism to cooperative trinity. From ‘versus’ to ‘and’.  Gert inspires and loves to think with you. Please contact us for more information.

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Some quotes to inspire

“There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct or more uncertain in its success than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things”.
– Niccollo Machavelli 

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
– Nikola Tesla

“If an angel were to tell us about his philosophy, many of his statements may well sound like 2 x 2 = 13”
– Georg Christophe Lichtenberg, Alphorisms